Tsunami Aircraft Sales Inc. is a Connecticut Sub S Corporation doing business in Rhode Island. Our offices are located at the Westerly State Airport (KWST) in the Dooney Aviation FBO hangar. Tsunami Aircraft was an offspring of Offshore Leasing Inc. another Connecticut Sub S Corporation that was established in the early 1980s. Tsuanami Aircraft, through it’s President Jim Goodrich, has always focused on honesty, integrity, reliability, quality aircraft, customer service and repeat business.

We offer services that include but are not limited to Used Aircraft Sales, Acquisitions, Appraisals, Brokerage, and Assisting in Securing Financing.

Tsunami Aircraft will assist you with the entire buying or selling process. We will walk you through the Title Search, Registration, Aircraft Pre-Buy, and Financing. We will take the frustration of selling your aircraft yourself out of the picture. Aircraft, and their records left with us to sell, are well secured and cared for. If you care to leave your plane at your own location we can still aggressively pursue a buyer for you. Our rates are very competitive.

In the last 35 years we have sold over 350 aircraft in not only the US but worldwide. Let our experience, product knowledge, industry contacts find you the plane of your dreams or market your aircraft in a timely manner. You will find our reputation impeccable. Our job is to protect buyer and seller from an unpleasant experience. We will never forget you, even years after the purchase.